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About Us

Popley Fields Community Centre is a friendly and welcoming community centre built on the edge of Popley, Basingstoke. Originally constructed by Basingstoke and Dean Borough Council and opened in 1996, it is managed by its dedicated community association and run day to day by a centre manager and 2 staff.

Popley Fields Community Association (PFCA), registered charity number 1177044.  PFCA’s role is to:

encourage the participation of the residents of Popley in community activities

work towards improving their quality of life and to overcome any disadvantage by building a strong community spirit

encourage volunteering

promote access to development and education opportunities

provide recreation and leisure time activities

harness the creativity of staff and volunteers to provide a thriving, welcoming community facility whilst running the association on sound business principles in order to maximise its revenue streams to finance these activities and improvements.

As such the community centre is a non-profit making organisation, with any funds being returned back into the facilities and into community projects.

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Popley Fields Community Association is a registered charity, number 1177044